About Topical Hair Loss Treatments

What Are Topical Treatments For Hair Loss

When it comes to hair loss they’re two methods in which you can take a supplement or treatment to help regrow your hair without having to have any type of surgery. You can take some treatments orally or you can go the topical route ( which is the most common). Topical treatments are applied to your scalp or affect area in which the active ingredients absorb into your hair follicles to stimulate your hair growth.

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Topical Hair Loss Options

They’re two main options when it comes to applying a topical treatment. Rogaine which is one of the more popular hair regrowth treatment uses minoxidil foam which you apply to you scalp. This method can be a bit messy and requires you to get a little “hands on” when applying it. This comes in 5% for men and 2% for women. Although it’s effective most people don’t like to have to rub foam on their scalp and want a much easier and clean method when it comes to applying a treatment. The other option is a spray which is far easier to use. You just simply spray on the affected area without having to really get your hands dirty and make a mess. Provillus has a great spray treatment that is also for both men and women which allows you to effortlessly apply the application. You can read more about Provillus Vs Rogaine here

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