Minoxidil Side Effects

The Side Effects Minoxidil

Minoxidil is used for people who are experiencing thinning of their hair or losing hair on the top of their head ( not to be confused with receding hairlines}. Minoxidil in foam form is what is called a vasodilator ( opens up blood vessels). It’s not really well understood how it works to regrow hair on the scalp. There have been some studies that indicate that it opens up blood vessels in the persons scalp which may improve the hair follicle grow.

You shouldn’t use Minoxidil foam:

  • If you have sensitive or any adverse reactions to minoxidil foam
  • Women shouldn’t use it (5% Minoxidil)
  • It’s also not used for receding hairline ( meaning you are losing hair from the front. It’s only used for balding on the top of the head.
  • You should also check to see if you have a family history when it comes to hair loss before you take it. It could be caused by something else.
  • If you have sudden hair loss or patches
  • If your head is showing signs of redness, sign of infection or if you’re experience any type of pain
  • Do not take if you are already using other medications on the scalp.


Rare Side Effects From Using Minoxidil

  • Breaking out with Acne when applied
  • You may experience burning of the scalp
  • increase facial hair growth
  • increased hair loss
  • start to experience inflammation at the rot of your hair
  • skin redness
  • facial swelling
  • These are indication of too much of the medicine being absorbed into the body also rare
  • can effect your vision such as blurriness
  • chest pressure or pain
  • dizziness
  • fainting
  • increased or irregular heartbeat
  • headaches
  • you may experience swelling in the legs, hands and feet
  • very rapid weight gain.

Remember these are rare side effects of minoxidil and happen to a small amount of men who use the treatment.


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