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Deciding on Provillus or Rogaine For Hair Loss

Hair Loss is becoming more and more prevalent among people all over the world. Both men and women are having to deal with some form of gender specific or hereditary baldness. Roughly 60% of men are experiencing this problem in the U.S alone just at the youthful age of 35 and that number skyrockets to around 85% to men ages 50 and over. We all know and can greatly understand that this can definitely lead to men and women having lower self-esteem.

People can become affected in many ways including allowing it to affect their relationships or marriage, career etc. Now, this comparison is going to be a little more geared towards men simply because Rogaine is NOT intended for women, while Provillus is. These are the two most common hair loss supplements along with Propecia and Procerin, on the market. We will break down the comparisons of the two, which we’ve broken down a bit on this site already in regards to Rogaine.

How they Work

Rogaine being really the first of its kind has been around for a while. It works in a couple of ways that stimulates and aids in the growth of your hair. First, it enhances that hair follicles which in turn results in new hair growth. Minoxidil is the active ingredient that is responsible for rejuvenating the natural cycle of hair growth to restore hair to a thicker more healthier state.


We’ve all heard the term ‘Male Pattern Baldness’ or MPB which this the most common cause being the majority of hair loss issues in men ( around 95%). This is caused genetically in which provillus helps combat with a blend of different ingredients. Like Rogaine, Provillus contains Minoxidil which increases the hair follicle size, however it also uses other natural ingredients to further support and aid with hair loss to prevent DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. DHT is the reasoning for your hair follicles to shrink and Provillus further helps

The benefits of Provillus: Provillus vs Rogaine

The main difference between the two lies in their ingredients. Rogaine has its benefits due to minoxidil and your results will be depending on that and how it responds to that. Whereas Provillus has the best of both worlds sort of speak because on top of containing minoxidil it also contains natural herbs that working in combination with minoxidil to bring better results in most cases the lesser amount of time.

Additional Ingredients in Provillus

Provillus also contains Biotin, vitamins b-6 as well as zinc. Each of these ingredients are needed to maintain healthier hair and are useful natural alopecia treatments. The majority of people are taking these ingredients alone whether it be just an individual supplement or in a multivitamin. This is something that Rogaine lacks in terms on ingredients.

Much Easier To Use

Povillus is much easier to use than Rogaine. Provillus is a spray on that you just spray on the affected area and that’s it. Rogaine is a bit messier and a bit more work, having to apply the medication to your scalp. If you have a busy scheduling that includes traveling getting up early, then having to just spray a little bit on the area is much more feasible than having to take the time to apply foam to your head. This is just another reason to give the nod to whole Provillus versus Rogaine debate.

Hair Growth Guarantee?

The final piece to the puzzle that gives the overall advantage to Provillus is a 90 day money back guarantee. This gives the the leisure of trying ot risk free and deciding inf you want to continue to take it. Rogaine doesn’t have this offer, which again puts it at a disadvantage.


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