Provillus Review

Does Provillus Work For Hair Loss

Provillus Hair loss Review

They’re many different hair loss on the market today that claim to be better of different than their competitors. We all know of Rogaine which is probably the most widelyy known hair treatment product in the world today. Since then many have come and gone some better than others and some a complete wast of time. Our provillus review will shed some light on one of the most effective treatments available.

What is Provillus Exactly?

Provillus is stated to be a more natural hair regrowth treatment that comes in men and womens formula to help those who are suffering from androgenic alopecia as well as other forms of hair loss. Provillus has been getting a lot of great feedback and reviews from not only it’s male user base but from their female base as well. This particular treatment is unique as it comes in two different forms. It uses a topical treatment which is a spray and is much easier to use than foam(rogaine) but also uses a tablet (ala Propecia) which is a nutritional supplementthat both support natural and quick hair regrowth and work along side each other to bring results for people who are suffering from pattern baldness. Although it doesn’t provide and guarantee that your hair will grow back, they do offer a 90 day money back satisfaction that at least gives users some ease when trying it out.
Where to Buy Provillus
Why it’s so popular

Briefly touched on above, the reviews of provillus and the feedback that it’s recieved highlights how fast users are seeing results when compared to other hair growth treatments.Mainly because it works with the bodys natural changes which is the main cause for hair loss. For example, in men DHT flows through the blood which results in the hair beginning to thin out and eventually creates a problem for the hair follicles to reproduce any hair.

The same pretty much goes for women but the hormone that is naturally released is called FPB. The natural ingredients combined with the topical treatment blocks DHT in men and FPB in women. THe pill contains natural ingredients such as vitamin B6, which is one of the most crucial vitamins for healthy hair as well as other ingredients like biotin, zinc and the lesser known saw palmetto. The tablets also include herbal extracts such as eleuthero root and gotu kola.

As far as the topical solution goes, the treatment is a Minoxodil compound which is also found in Rogaine. For men they use a 5% minoxidil formula and a lesser 2% for women. Like most treatments or medications they’re some possibilities of side effects such as minor “shedding” or dry scalp.

Of course these side effects will differ from person to person, as everyone responds differerntly to certain ingredients or chemicals. Some people are just naturally more sensitive than others while some people hardly get any side effects.

Closing Provillus Review

With all the other talk about hair loss products there seems to be a lot of positives pointing to using Provillus by both men and women. Unsurprisingly, the highlight of provillus is in the ingredients in the capsule form that boasts some of the best natural hair regrowth vitamins and herbs that help from the inside out as well as attacking the hair issues from all angles when you combined it with the already FDA approved Minoxidil topical treatment.

As mentioned with the side effects and how different people react differently. The same seems to be true in terms of how fast one can see results. With some reports stating they see a diffrerent within a few weeks, others say a couple months ( which is still pretty quick) depending on the severity of the hair loss issue.

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