Provillus Vs Viviscal For Hair Loss

Provillus Vs Viviscal Debate

Over 50 million people are suffering from hair loss in America (men and women) [1]. This number is not going down anytime soon because the right methods are not being applied. Some prefer to go out and get a hair transplant, but others are not able to splurge in this regard.

What is the best option for those who want to find a world-class solution at an affordable rate?

There are two options present in the form of Provillus and Viviscal. This comparison is going to chart out what each option provides and which one will be a better fit for those who are losing hair at a rapid rate.


Let’s start with Provillus. This is a hair loss solution created by a company named “Ultra Herbal” and has achieved significant popularity among those who are losing hair. The purpose behind this solution is to help stop hair loss and initiate hair regrowth.


1) 100% Natural Formula
2) Used Twice A Day
3) FDA-Approved And Well-Tested
4) Contains 60 Capsules In One Container
5) Separate Solutions For Men And Women
6) Promotes Hair Regrowth

This is a world-class solution and a prominent option for those who are suffering from hair loss and want an active option that is 100% natural.


Now, it is time to move onto the second half of this comparison to take a glance at Viviscal. What is this hair loss solution all about? It is an option that has been created by a company with 20+ years of experience.

It has created a host of supplements over the years and continued to be a leader in this industry.


1) 100% Natural Formula
2) Easy To Use Solution For Hair Regrowth
3) Taken Twice A Day (60-Day Supply)
4) Scientifically Proven
5) FDA-Approved Solution For Hair Loss
6) Suited For All Hair Types

This is a robust solution for hair loss and is well-regarded by those who are using it.


Now, the question a person will have is which option is best? It is all about one’s requirements. Are you looking for something catered towards men and women? You will want to go to Provillus.

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If you are looking for an “Extra Strength” solution, you will enjoy Viviscal.

Both are viable solutions and have their positives; it is all about determining which one suits your personal requirements. This is the best way to make a positive decision. You will know they are going to work, and that is an incredible starting point.

The Provillus vs Viviscal comparison is an intriguing one, and this should help make a decision.

It is recommended to go out and speak with a medical professional as soon as possible. They will be able to pinpoint your hair loss and what is required. These solutions are good and a nice stepping stone towards better hair loss recovery, but it’s always best to establish a base point with your specialist.

If you’re still not sure which to take Provillus gives you a money back guarantee so there is no risk in trying it.

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