DHT Blockers To Prevent Hair Loss

Natural DHT Blockers

If you’re reading this article then the chances are that you are looking for DHT blockers due to all the hype surrounding that it’s the main cause for male pattern baldness and well as hair loss that occurs in women. With that, more and more studies have shown that blocking DHT can prevent and treat hair loss.

What is DHT?

DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone which is created by your testosterone that is in the prostate and adrenal glands and hair follicles. The problem is the more that your body produces this type of testosterone the more likely you will experience hair loss and have a much harder time trying to fight it. This just doesn’t effect hair loss but can also lead to prostate issues as well as the tone of your muscles.

It’s no wonder why more and more men are looking for the best DHT blockers. They’re a few different natural ingredients that can help decrease this testosterone:

Beta Sitosterols (BS)

Beta-sitosterols have a unique mix of phytosterols as well as anti-androgenic properties which are essential for the process of blocking current DHT and helping prevent it from getting worse.
Researchers have stated that beta sitosterols have more sterols than saw palmetto which is a very popular ingredient in it’s own right when it comes to hair loss treatments.

Other than inhibiting the function of Dihydrotestosterone, it is also shown that BS also help reduce the levels of cholesterol in your body. This is a bonus benefit when you consider that high cholesterol which can lead to hypertension. To put it in it’s simplest form low cholesterol means low DHT and that is one of the reasons beta sitosterols is such an effective and highly touted blocker.

Saw Palmettosaw palmetto hair loss

As mentioned, Saw Palmetto is a very popular DHT blocker. Not very many herbal medications have really been studied for hair loss, however, saw palmetto has shown why it deserves the attention it gets. It has several active ingredients that stop and control what is called the 5-alpha reductase type II. With the minimal supply of 5-alpha-reductase, your body will not have enough DHT for your testosterone to convert. More evidence has reported that small doses of saw palmetto were effective to inhibit the enzymes that produce DHT.

Pumpkin Seedspumpkin seeds dht blocker

Most people wouldn’t even think of pumpkin seeds when it comes to hair loss. However, the seeds have some benefits when it comes to blocking Dihydrotestosterone. It has been stated by the FDA that pumpkin seeds can be used to help treat prostate issues because of its ability to block DHT.

So What’s The Best Solution For Blocking DHT

Which of these DHT inhibitors is the best and which is proven to work best? The short answer is all of them to a certain extent if you’re looking for a treatment that uses these benefits as part of it’s treatment ingredients than check out Procerin or Provillus

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