Propecia Vs Rogaine |Which Is Better?

Rogaine Versus Propecia The Final Showdown

If you’re suffering from hair loss and you’re trying to do everything to keep your hair or regrow what you’ve lost then chances are you’re looking for something that will help with that, and it’s even more likely that you’ve heard of Propecia and Rogaine and want to know which of these products is the best choice for you.

Let’s Start With Rogaine

Rogaine with it’s active ingredient Minoxidil plays a principal role in hair growth, for some that may have been a bit disappointed with the results they got from Propecia and are looking to give something else a try to see if the results are any different. Even though Propecia shows to have a palpable advantage over Rogaine in the eyes of most hair loss experts that have done different testing, however it’s important to understand how each of them work, the side effects and the commitment it takes to using both of these treatments. So lets go further into each.


The main active ingredient minoxidil was first introduced as an oral treatment for people with high blood pressure. It started to peak the interest of researchers when people sarted having hair growth as a common side effect when taking the medication. A lot of these spurts of hair with in abnormal places such as the forehead and cheeks, with this researchers looked more into minoxidil to see how effective it could be when applied to the scalp.

Experts have learned that hormones along with hereditary as well as age work together to srhink your hair follicles which lead to the shortening of the hair cycle causes people to lose their hair.

Increases the Size Of Hair Follicles

Even with all the research and studying that goes into these discoveries it’s still not fully understood, they do know that Roagine’s active ingredient increased the hair follicle size which then lengthens the hair cycle phase for more growth resulting in hair becoming longer and thicker.It was first introduced in the 80’s and now is offered in various versions for men and women. Men have the higher percentage of minoxidil at 5% and women version contains 3%

Slow Results

The process for hair growth is anything but quick. On average the users will usually have to wait up to four months before they will even see and hair growth. Also when being committed to using Rogaine was mentioned earlier in this article; you must continue to use Rogaine on a regular basis otherwise you are gambling the loss of all your new hair. Rogaines side effects are pretty mild and don’t last for a long time, They include stinging on the scalp as well as burning sensation. You can read more of Minoxidil Side Effects Here By Clicking Here.


Much like minoxidil, finasteride which is the main active ingredient in Propecia was first used as an oral treatment for enlarged prostates which is known as a condition being prostatic hyperplasia, also referred or known as BPH. The same side effects started to occur in men just like it did with them taking Rogaine. Men started to experience unexpected hair growth which yet again enticed researchers to start looking more into it and possibly using it to help with hair loss.

When prescribed for BPH the recommended amount of Finasteride is a 5 milligram tablet however when used for regrowing hair the dose is lowered to 1 milligram tablet. During a five year case study for using finasteride 2 out of 3 men who took it regularly experienced some hair growth while men who didn’t take it at all obviously had no hair growth whatsoever.

Propecia Works At a Hormonal Level

Where the two really separate is how the target the hair loss. Rogaine just targets the follicle of the hair while Propecia works at a hormonal level to fight hair loss. One dose of finasteride inhibits a 5-alpha reductase that converts testosterone into DHT which is a power androgen. While Rogaine is available for men and women, Propecia is only for men and once a user stops taking the medication the hair growth is likely to stop and go away.

Side Effects Of Propecia

The percentage of users who report side effects is generally pretty small, but they include a disinterest in sexual intercourse and or ability. If you start to experience sensitivity and breast enlargement, discharge in the nipples, a lump, or discomfort in your testicles you should stop using Propecia immediately and contact your physician.

So in short there’s your Propecia Vs Roagine breakdown and hopefully this gives you some better direction on a particular path to choose. The favor seems to lean towards Propecia and if these are the only two you are considering than the choice may already be clear, however Provillus seems to be the new king in town giving great results. Click to read about Provillus

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