Ways To Stop A Receding Hairline Fast

As we get older and we start to age our body doesn’t have any other choice but to also age with us. It’s just the way of life. If you’re like most men as you age you may also tend to get a belly ( if you don’t stay in shape) as parts of your body start to ache more than they used to when you were much younger. Unfortunately, receding hair line is just one of those daunting things to think about when it comes to aging. Like most men, you want to know how to stop a receding hairline. We get it. A statement by the American Hair Loss Associations said:

” Two-thirds of men in America will experience some type of hair loss by the time they are 35. By the time they reach age 50 this jumps to 85% of men experience thinning hair”

Most men may or may not be bothered by hair loss ( at least they may act like the don’t) others seem to take it very seriously and try to prevent it as soon as they see the first signs of any type of balding. A receding hairline starts to happen when your good hairs are slowly replaced by very small see through vellus hairs. If you’re not careful this could lead into full on balding if you don’t take action right away.

How can I find a way to stop a Receding hairline?

You CAN beat the odds, as a lot of men have been able to reverse their receding hair line and regrow their natural hair back to its glory. The key to it being the reactivation of their vellus hair follicles. The problem is the vellus hairs can be very tough to spot and once they are reactivated the can become larger and starts to regain its natural color.

The process consists of reconnecting the hair follicles to their nutrient supply and making sure that it’s protected of the DHT hormone which damages the hair follicles and is the leading cause of hair loss.

ways to stop a receding hairline

You can do a number of things to try and stop your receding hairline, and they can be found on this site on topics like male pattern hair loss diet and saw palmetto But I’ll also list a few more techniques.

Sebum Oil

This helps protect and nourish your scalp but be careful when you use it. When it combines with hair products or dandruff it can leave a layer of plaque that sticks to your scalp which can clog the pores and prevent hair from growing. People have had success with using aloe vera shampoos and conditioners when washing their hair to break down the plaque-clearing the pores on your scalp.

More Amino Acids

Our hairs are made up of keratin and collagen; Two main proteins. Keratin is a fibrous protein which makes up most of the hair and is also found in our hair and skin. Collagen helps strengthen the hair in the growth process. Proteins are made up of amino acids that we naturally produce and get from the foods that we eat. Some people have had a good amount of success with their receding hairlines by increasing the amino acids in their diet. This can be down by eating more protein rich foods or taking supplements.

Increase the circulation of Blood to your head

This is something that often gets overlooked. Blood flow is very important when it comes to the follicles on your scalp. It’s through the blood stream that your hair gets all the nutrients it needs. You can increase the circulation by taking supplements or even brush the scalp daily to keep the blood circulating.

Procerin Vs Provillus: Which Is Better For Hair Loss?

Picture of Provillus vs Procerin hair loss treatments
The Procerin vs Provillus decision has been something that a lot of people have been struggling over when it comes to treating their hair loss. Dealing with hair loss is no easy task whether you are a man or woman. In fact, millions of people around the world are embarrassed by losing their hair prematurely. The majority of them have numerous products on the market without any success. This is where two natural hair loss products such as Procerin and Provillus come in handy. Although both these products come highly recommended by a majority of consumers who use them, there are some key differences between the two products. This read offers information on the two products – you will learn what is best for you by the time you finish reading this article.

So Who Wins The Procerin vs Provillus Battle?

In fact, both these are natural products that consist of a topical treatment and a dietary vitamin supplement that you need to use on a daily basis. These products are said to promote new hair growth by improving the quality of your hair follicles.

Procerin – This is a 100% natural hair growth product that consists of an external application and a vitamin supplement for your hair. The supplement has numerous vital nutrients that will help your hair grow quickly. The natural ingredients contained in the topical treatment are clinically tested and proven to work effectively. Procerin is a DHT blocker that helps stop hair loss in its tracks. The external scalp application will strengthen the follicles and stimulate the hair growth. There are no side effects reported by users of this product. You will begin to see results within 6-10 weeks of using the product. The success rate is between 80-90% as reported by a majority of consumers. The product offers a 90-day money back guarantee.
Visit the Procerin Website
The cons of Procerin include:

. The product may look messy on your scalp.
. Since the product uses only natural ingredients, the results could be a bit slower.

Provillus – This product also contains a topical application as well as a supplement. The topical treatment should be applied twice a day, and the vitamin should be taken once a day for best results. The salient feature of this product is that it consists of Minoxidil at 5% which is an FDA approved ingredient effective for hair growth. All other ingredients are 100% natural. Consumers have reported much quicker results with this product due to the inclusion of Minoxidil 5%. This ingredient is clinically proven to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. The overall success rate of this product is closer to 95-96% as reported by a majority of consumers who used the product. They also offer a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results you get.

The only negative feature of the product is some users have reported an itchy, red, dry scalp due to the inclusion of Minoxidil 5%. As with most medication that have some side effects, this varies and is a side effect that may or may not happen

All in all, anyone on a shoestring budget may opt for Procerin. But if you are looking for an effective product to stop your hair loss in its track, you need to opt for Provillus. It has an FDA approved proven ingredient that will help regrow your lost hair. The aforementioned post offers information on Procerin vs Provillus debate to help you choose the best product. You can learn more about Povillus Here or visit their website.

Looking For The Best Minoxidil Product On The Market?

Which Minoxidil Product provides the best results?


The two best-known hair loss ingredients are Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil being the most popular among the two and the most well-known product that contains it; Rogaine. There are plenty of other treatments that use minoxidil as the active ingredient and many people are looking for the best minoxidil products on the market that is going to give them the bet results. First a brief history on Minoxidil and what it considered the best minoxidil product for hair loss on the market; Provillus.


Minoxidil started as a blood pressure medication called Loniten. People who started to take it for their blood pressure started to notice that they were growing hair on their bald spots as well as other areas on their body. One they discovered this, this presented a new solution and extensive research on how we can use this ingredient as a hair loss product and focus it more on male and female pattern baldness. With this research, Rogaine was introduced back in 1988 as the first widely FDA approved hair loss application.

This treatment was only for men when it was first introduced using a strength of 5% minoxidil which was and is considered to high for women. Later on, hair loss products came in a 2% form that was made for women with hair loss. Rogaine, being the first of it’s kind was widely popular and since then others have refined the process and created products that use minoxidil as well as other core ingredients for hair loss to create a topical treatment that has a wide variety of active ingredients that work together to maximize hair growth in both men and women.

The Best Minoxidil Product

Provillus is one of the most popular and effective hair loss treatments available that not only use minoxidil but does a great job at blending other core elements in their product to deliver great results. They have both male and female options available and offer a free bottle on certain packages as well as a money back guarantee. You can read more on Provillus here


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Is Provillus For Women?

Can Women Use Provillus For Hair Loss

women who use provillus for hair loss
Is Provillus for women? Often people tend to associate hair loss products with men more than they do with women. Most of the hair loss commercials you see tend to target men more than women. Which is kind of funny when you think about it since most of the time, women spend more time on their hair than men do. When hair loss treatments were first introduced they were made for men specifically due to the strength (5%) of Minoxidil which is the most commonly used topical treatment for hair loss.
At first it was not recommended that women use treatments like Rogaine due to the fact that the percentage of minoxidil used wasn’t approved for women. So with minoxidil being the main active ingredient, it wasn’t recommended to use provillus for women. Over the years as more and more research went into hair loss treatments, experts found that a lower dosage of the topical treatment could not only be used for women, but was also effective in treating hair loss in women. Provillus using the smaller percentage of Minoxidil as well as other natural ingredients to help with hair loss such as:


Biotin plays a very key role when it comes to growing your hair and strengthening it. It’s also responsible for healthy skin and nails. Provillus provides this key ingredient to help charge your hair follicles and regrow thinning hair.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids help give your body the ability to fight the signs of aging, which also helps stop gray hair and hair thinning

Vitamin B6

This is also one of the most important key elements in regrowing your hair. It’s key to maintain proper hair health and provides the nutrients that you hair needs.

You can read more on Provillus Here

Whats The Difference Between Finasteride vs Minoxidil

Finasteride Vs Minoxidil

Finasteride and Minoxidil are the medical terms/ingredients in Propecia and Rogaine. They both fight hair loss but in a different way. Finasteride comes in a pill form that is to be taken once a day while Minoxidil is a foam topical treatment that you apply on your hair daily. Both of these have their pros and cons.better minoxidil or finasteride

Minoxixdil is the only FDA treatment ( for women) that is available for hair loss and has been around since the 80s. It’s the most commonly used ingredient when it comes to hair loss such as androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata and comes in 2 different strengths 5% for men and 2% for women. It’s applied twice a day which can be a little bit messy in terms of application.

Finasteride like mentioned earlier is taken orally and you may see a decrease at first when you start to take it. Although you may see a decline before you start seeing results, it is easier and more convenient to take than the latter simply because you only have to take it once a day and it’s in a simple pill form rather than a foam topical treatment that you have to apply twice a day. How it stops hair loss is by blocking DHT which is the hormone responsible inherit hair loss.
Non related side effect with finasteride is that it was originally used to shrink large prostates in men, depending on how you look at it this could be considered a “positive” side effect. It’s also known to have sexual side effects such as lack of desire and making it hard for men to get an erection.

Provillus which is another hair treatment medication which also uses minoxidil just like Rogaine does. Provillus is a more modern day advanced minoxidil treatment which is a spray ant is much easier to use than Rogaine. It’s also known to work faster and better than Rogaine as well, and doesn’t have the same side effects as Propecia. Read more on Provillus Here

Fue Hair Transplant

Thinking About a Fue Hair Transplant?

Fue Hair Transplant which is also known as follicular transfer is one of two methods of hair restoration which involves obtaining the follicular units in order to restore thinning hair. The second one is referred to as strip harvesting. In Fue harvesting in which the hair is taken from the patients donor areas, usually from the back of the head where the hair is still growing one at a time. strip harvesting involves stripping a layer of skin then dissected into various single hair follicles.

Making sure the hair follicles “survive’ for a successful transplant is the most challenging part of the procedure. If the follicular units are transected in the extraction process, there is a large possibility that they will not survive and the hair transplant will fail. The FUT promotes using strip harvesting for the simple reason that it guarantees a much higher success rate due to the amount of non-transected follicular units.

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Obviously a lot of this comes down to the skill and experience of the surgeon who is performing the transplant that will insure the best results for your FUE transplant. One of the other discerning issues with the procedure is the cost which can range anywhere from 5-13k depending on how much they have to graph. Most people who don’t want to spend that money and surgical risk would rather look at other hair treatments that more much less expensive.

How to stop my hair from falling out and thinning

How to stop my thinning hair from falling out and thinning

I’m sure this is the question you started to ask yourself when you started to notice that your hair is thinning and your head of hair isn’t as full as it was a year ago, or maybe even a few months back and you’re starting to panic and figure out why this this is happening, what is causing it and what you can do about it. There can be many different factors are to why your hair is thinning and falling out and most can be narrowed down to 3 things. Nutrition, Stress and Hormones.

Nutrition Plays A Key Role In Healthy Hair

We’ve all head the saying that you are what you eat. This pertains to all aspect of our physical body and hair is no different. Making sure that you’re getting the proper nutrients is going to help the health of your hair and it’ something that you can do immediately, starting right now. Making sure that you are getting enough iron, zinc, vitamin A and proper proteins are going ot be very beneficial. You can get these by eating a solid breakfast containing foods like eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt as well as taking some extra iron and biotin supplements.I-Am-Losing-My-Hair-How-Can-I-Stop-My-Hair-From-Falling-Out-724x419

Stress Can “Stress the Hair”

Stress is something that can cause temporary hair loss and with the amount of stress we are experiencing in today’s world, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the leading contributors to hair loss. The plus side is it’s only temporary and they’re many ways to reduce stress such as physical activities, weight lifting, or even medicinal cannabis ( if that’s your thing). You should also consult your doctor if you’re stress is that bad just to make sure there isn’t anything else going on.


Hormones are probably the most serious of hair loss and thinning. This often leads to Androgenic Alopecia which is caused by the increased hormone DHT which causes the hair follicles to shrink and prevent new hair from growing back. With this it’s best to use hair treatments that help from a hair follicle stand point. Keep in mind that you should still focus on both nutrition and stress management but when you combine those with a hair growth treatment you are tackling the matter from all angles to produce the best results. Here are 2 recommend treatments.

Provillus- Visit Site

Procerin – Visit Site

A High-Quality Male Pattern Baldness Cure?

The Chase For A Cure For MPB

treating male pattern baldness

Of all the parts of our bodies that influence our looks, our hair tends to play a large part of this. It is for this reason that a majority of both men and women take a concerted effort to ensure that their hairdo reflects their personality regarding style and reflect who they are.

However, using your hair to reflect your style and personality becomes a tad difficult when you have a receding hairline. This is what people with male pattern baldness face. A receding hairline and thinning hair which is difficult to work with regarding hairdo.

Male pattern baldness is quite a common phenomenon. It is estimated that approximately 70% of men will suffer from it in their lifetime. This is a staggering number to fathom if you consider the male population in the world. Moreover, it is also estimated that 40% of women will suffer from the same ailment at some point in their life, further pushing the number of people seeking male pattern baldness cure even higher.

The Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness

Although the exact causes male pattern baldness are not fully known, it is thought to be caused by environmental factors and genetic factors. However, one thing is certain; hormonal changes as a phenomenon must be present for the male pattern baldness to take place. In this regard, male pattern baldness can also be referred to as androgenic alopecia, since androgen is the main hormone that is responsible for the hair loss. The dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main factor that contributes to dermal papillae.

Male Pattern Baldness Cure

Seeming, male pattern baldness is a global issue. Thus, you would expect there to be many solutions to the problems. And there are.

Some of the most popular solutions to this kind of hair loss include surgery, topical creams, supplements, and therapies that involve the use of topical creams and supplements. The first option, though effective, has proven to the very expensive for the majority of us. Therefore, the latter solutions seem to favor the consumer market, especially the therapy solutions.

Provillus, Can It Reverse MPB?

With regards to the therapy solution, Provillus is a very effective male pattern baldness cure, for men and women as well. It has been hailed as being very effective in negating hair loss, whilst using all natural ingredients that are FDA approved.

Provillus has a topical spray that is specially designed to encourage hair growth when applied to the scalp. Hair growth emanates from the fact that the spray contains minoxidil, which is FDA approved and proven to enhance the growth of hair. Provillus also comes with a dietary supplement that contains the active herbal ingredients and minerals that are required to enhance the growth of hair.

This particular therapeutic solution works in by:

#1. It ensures that your hair has all the required nutrients and mineral it requires to thrive, with a specific focus on providing zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium and B6 complex.

#2. It protects your hair against the effects of DHT

#3. Finally, it encourages the growth of individual hair follicles. This is the responsibility of minoxidil.

As a natural cure for male pattern baldness, this may prove to be the best one yet.

Click Here To Read More On Provillus

Alopecia Areata Treatments That Work

Alopecia Areata Treatments

Alopecia Areata is a hair loss condition that can be devastating for sufferer’s resulting in total or patchy balding of the scalp as well as hair loss on other parts of the body.

What Causes Alopecia Areata?alopecia-areata

Alopecia is not regular balding but is rather caused by an autoimmune disorder where the body’s defense system recognizes hair cells as foreign bodies and attacks them. This results in hair falling out and prevents hair from growing back.

The condition does not however affect hair follicles at all which means that hair can regrow and the condition is not permanent. In most cases, the condition resolves naturally and hair growth resumes. Alopecia Areata treatment may be used in the interim to stimulate hair growth.

There are a range of different treatments available, although to date, none have been FDA approved. Treatments vary in efficacy depending largely on an individual person as well as the extent of the hair loss. Treatments include:

1. Topical Treatments

Topical treatments are creams or lotions that are applied directly to the skin in the affected hair loss area. There are 3 effective topical treatments:

– Minoxidil in a 5% solution is a vasoldilator which increases circulation to the affected area to promote hair growth. Head and facial hair respond well to Minoxidil treatment.
– Anthralin cream is a tar like substance also used to treat other scalp conditions such as extreme dandruff and psoriasis. Anthralin is not recommended for treating facial hair loss as it can cause a reaction and irritate the eyes.
– Cortisone creams may also be effective when applied directly to the affected area. Effectiveness is improved when used 30 minutes after Minoxidil treatment. However, cortisone creams may have severe side effects and are not recommended for long term treatments.

Topical treatments are only recommended for patchy hair loss and not for the Totalis or Universalis classes of Alopecia Areata. Hair regrowth may take a few weeks to become visible after daily treatment.

2. Corticosteroids

Corticosteroids can be administered in two ways as an effective Alopecia Areata treatment:

– For patchy hair loss, the medication is injected directly into the scalp in the affected areas.
– For total baldness, oral corticosteroids or pills are prescribed for a limited period of time.

Although corticosteroids are highly effective at promoting hair growth in Alopecia patients, the treatment is rarely prescribed due to the multitude of side effects. Hair growth will stop when the treatment is discontinued.

3. Topical Immunotherapy

Topical immunotherpay involves inducing an allergic reaction on the scalp. This is called contact dermatitis and resembles the same symptoms as being exposed to poison ivy. The treatment area will present with a rash that may be itchy, painful or result in a burning sensation.

The treatment diverts the immune system from attacking the hair follicles. Visible results may be seen up to 6 months from treatment date.

4. Alternative Treatments

Recent studies show that Calcipotriol may be effective in treating Alopecia Areata when applied topically to the scalp. Calcipotriol is a synthetic version of Vitamin D and visible results can be expected within 6 weeks of treatment.

Unlike the above medical Alopecia Areata treatments, this application has no side effects for the patient. Treatment can therefore safely be continued for extended periods of time with better overall results. The effectiveness of the treatment may however be dependent on the extent of the balding.

There are also a wide range of other remedies that proclaim to be beneficial for Alopecia patients. These treatments have however not undergone testing and may not be effective. It is best to consult a medical practitioner before using these treatments in order to determine their safety and whether they may interact with any prescribed treatments.

The above treatments are not cures for Alopecia Areata but rather treat the symptom of hair loss. The condition needs to resolve on it’s own and the length of time it takes to disappear varies greatly between different individuals. There is no scientific reason why Alopecia Areata appears and just as suddenly resolves.

In cases where treatments are not suitable or ineffective over an extended period of time, wigs are the best option as a substitute for natural hair.

DHT Blockers To Prevent Hair Loss

Natural DHT Blockers

If you’re reading this article then the chances are that you are looking for DHT blockers due to all the hype surrounding that it’s the main cause for male pattern baldness and well as hair loss that occurs in women. With that, more and more studies have shown that blocking DHT can prevent and treat hair loss.

What is DHT?

DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone which is created by your testosterone that is in the prostate and adrenal glands and hair follicles. The problem is the more that your body produces this type of testosterone the more likely you will experience hair loss and have a much harder time trying to fight it. This just doesn’t effect hair loss but can also lead to prostate issues as well as the tone of your muscles.

It’s no wonder why more and more men are looking for the best DHT blockers. They’re a few different natural ingredients that can help decrease this testosterone:

Beta Sitosterols (BS)

Beta-sitosterols have a unique mix of phytosterols as well as anti-androgenic properties which are essential for the process of blocking current DHT and helping prevent it from getting worse.
Researchers have stated that beta sitosterols have more sterols than saw palmetto which is a very popular ingredient in it’s own right when it comes to hair loss treatments.

Other than inhibiting the function of Dihydrotestosterone, it is also shown that BS also help reduce the levels of cholesterol in your body. This is a bonus benefit when you consider that high cholesterol which can lead to hypertension. To put it in it’s simplest form low cholesterol means low DHT and that is one of the reasons beta sitosterols is such an effective and highly touted blocker.

Saw Palmettosaw palmetto hair loss

As mentioned, Saw Palmetto is a very popular DHT blocker. Not very many herbal medications have really been studied for hair loss, however, saw palmetto has shown why it deserves the attention it gets. It has several active ingredients that stop and control what is called the 5-alpha reductase type II. With the minimal supply of 5-alpha-reductase, your body will not have enough DHT for your testosterone to convert. More evidence has reported that small doses of saw palmetto were effective to inhibit the enzymes that produce DHT.

Pumpkin Seedspumpkin seeds dht blocker

Most people wouldn’t even think of pumpkin seeds when it comes to hair loss. However, the seeds have some benefits when it comes to blocking Dihydrotestosterone. It has been stated by the FDA that pumpkin seeds can be used to help treat prostate issues because of its ability to block DHT.

So What’s The Best Solution For Blocking DHT

Which of these DHT inhibitors is the best and which is proven to work best? The short answer is all of them to a certain extent if you’re looking for a treatment that uses these benefits as part of it’s treatment ingredients than check out Procerin or Provillus

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